With a panel of 3 mock examiners (who did know a little bit or a lot about dance), the 2016 stepped up a few notes. The idea of the mock exams is to help get some of the exam nerves out of the way.

Thanks to Jen Millar for these great photos.

Above: panel of examiners:
Students teaching parents some of their class work…Maybe it’s not as easy as it looks. Parents were great sports.
Time for tap:
Notes on correct attire:
No phone in exams (or classes)No Selfies during exams…Students teaching parents some tap steps: Can they “wing” it?
Apparently not. Examiner Ms Eggleton demonstrates the tap “wing” step.
Examiners discuss results.

Here’s a few photos of the 2nd Annual recital of Dance4300 students of Mill Street-Studios at the amazing Ipswich Civic Centre.

The school has grown so this year and students have improved out of sight! With such growth, there was many first time students performing this year – very exciting for these younger students to be up on stage for the first time!

Thanks Gemma Blake for your amazing photography again this year. With 4200 amazing photos taken of the 56 performance items, it was hard to select just 10 to post like last year. I’ve narrowed it down to posting about 35 and have tried to show a variety of genres/ ages/ stages/ performance items/ technique class items etc etc. Thanks again to the teachers at Mill Street Studios for their fabulous work in 2015. 2016 is going to be epic!

Enrolment Day/ Information Day is Saturday the 23rd of January 2016 from 2pm – 5pm at Mill Street Studios.

Enquiries: dance4300@millstreetstudios.com.au


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October 2015 was time for a change.

Farewell to the White space that was hard to maintain. This meant re-sanding the floors (again). This time i called on the professionals at Southern Cross Floor Sanding. I was very impressed with their work and how quickly they got both spaces finished.


I thought it might be interesting to paint the panels of wood in the floor alternating colours. So Silver and Black it was! The Floor Sanding guys challenged me to a race – my free hand painting vs them using painters tape. They won!White Space 1

Black and silver floor in progress.

White Space 2

Below – the white space floor finished – with final polish added.

IMG_1402 (1)

And the black space had so much wear, it was time to give this space some attention (and colour) too.

Red Space 1

Red Space 2

Red Space 3