Here’s a few photos of  our 4th annual recial that occurred at the Ipswich Civic Centre on Saturday the 16th of December 2017. Thanks to Gemma Blake for these incredible photographs!

This year we had a special combined level ballet piece with 70 students in it (choreographed by Miss Ebony who teaches classical technique).

MS7-00516 MS7-00406 copy

In 2017 we launched a few new classes including “Company Class” – an additional classical technique class which saw the students have a plethora of special guest teachers in to work with them over the year. This item was presented as documentary style, and included footage of class work and the guest teachers, as well as live performance sections intergrated with the projection.


We had a snippet from the Test Pressing showing which was 2 weeks prior to the recital. Test Pressing is  a contemporary project group based around experience a taste of contemporary dance in a “professional dance” context. They performed a wall phrase section and some pas de deux work.

MS7-03597 MS7-03619 MS7-03645 (1)

We had a variety of contemporary dance items (one with some audience participation):
MS7-01351MS7-01496MS7-01467MS7-03730 copyMS7-03663MS7-01693MS7-01696
And we had one longer 18 minute contemporary piece that the senior students (14-19 years) performed.
MS7-03083MS7-03106MS7-03132 copyMS7-03149
We even had a class this year called “Dance Mum 101” – a class for dance parents of students. The piece was set in the 1980’s.
MS7-02801MS7-02871The Dance Mum 101’s rocked this!
We had a special year 12 item, for students in their final year of school (or older).MS7-02467 MS7-02485 copyMS7-02506MS7-02595 copy

There was five exciting new jazz items by Miss Sarah, and one by Michael Edge.
MS7-02000MS7-01565MS7-01671 MS7-01658MS7-00864MS7-021711.

There was some great new tap items by Miss Gemma:

There was some super cute tinies who did a tremendous job dancing on stage:

We had musical theatre items, and singing, and an acting for screen reel projected too.MS7-03938MS7-02677
There was four acro-tastic items by Mr Will

MS7-04305 copy

We had two  hip hop items by Matty B:
There was also a selection of new repertoir items that the performance groups have learnt in 2017:
MS7-04565 MS7-04477 MS7-03443MS7-03382MS7-03499MS7-02415MS7-02349MS7-03079MS7-03942 copy
We brought back one older performance item:MS7-00709 MS7-00696MS7-00687
We had 2 soloist perform in the recital this year: Zion:
And Imogen (who performed her own choreography as selected from our annual choreography competition)

The recital conculded with a finale and a few thanks. MS7-04710MS7-00011A
We farewelled 2017 and the Ipswich Civic Centre (until we return in 2018).
Our 2018 enrolment day is on Saturday the 13th of January 2018 at Mill Street Studios. It’s going to be an exciting year of dance ahead!